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Carrefour pour Elle



Provide shelter and assistance to women who are victims of domestic violence and women in difficulty with their children.


Provide physical safety and emotional support to housed women and children, while helping them develop their ability to assert themselves and break free from their experiences of violence, through a process of devictimization.

years of existence

women sheltered

children sheltered

January 6 1975

Carrefour pour Elle is opening its doors thanks to a grant from the Department of National Health and Welfare of Ottawa and the Congrégation des Soeurs du Bon-Conseil, which offers free furnished premises for one year. A helpline and housing are available. Thérèse Dallaire-Laplante is the founder of Carrefour pour Elle and she has been the director for the first 16 years.


Research is carried out by a sociologist to prove the necessity of the resource. Since then, the provincial government has subsidized Carrefour pour Elle, which was the first shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children in the province of Quebec.


The Carrefour pour Elle Foundation is created to financially support the shelter.


Carrefour pour Elle becomes a member of the Fédération des maisons d’hébergement pour femmes.


Arrival of the new executive director.


External services for women victims of domestic violence are developed for post-accommodation and group follow-ups.


A family intervention program is developed as an external service – Pacifix.


An outreach program for the prevention of violence in romantic relationships is developed.



President: Diane Langlois
Vice-President: Ghislaine Pilon
Treasurer: Diane Asselin
Secretary: Anissa Cadieux-Perron
Administrator: Fanny Lauzier
Administrator: Mylène Leroux
Administrator: Hasna Talbi
Executive Director of the shelter: Marlène Poirier


Hosting and External Services

  • 11 counselors at the shelter reception
  • 1 youth counselor for sheltered mothers and children
  • 1 child caretaker
  • 2 counselors for sheltered and post-shelter women
  • 1 counselor for external women
  • 2 counselors in the external Pacifix program


  • 1 executive director
  • 1 executive assistant and outreach services manager
  • 1 administrative assistant
  • 1 housekeeping and material resources officer