De l'aide au bout du fil, 24 heures/24, 7 jours/7 : 450 651-5800


The youth counselor follows up with the children in the shelter by helping them demystify violence and express themselves about their experiences. The counselor also meets with the mother individually to work on the mother-child relationship and in groups through prevention workshops for mothers at the shelter. In addition, on an occasional basis, she meets one-on-one with external youth whose mothers have benefited from our services. 

Our children’s caretaker is available during weekdays. Various activities are offered to the children such as educational games, crafts, and creativity workshops in a warm atmosphere where children can flourish and socialize in complete safety. The caretaker is also there to give mothers a break and allow them to take steps towards a positive future.


Throughout her stay, the resident receives individual follow-up with the same counselor. She supports the woman in her efforts and in her journey to break free from the cycle of violence by informing her, among other things, about the forms of violence. She helps her develop self-affirmation and rebuild her self-esteem, with particular attention to increasing her autonomy.

We aim to ensure that women are as well-equipped as possible to recognize and protect themselves from violent behaviour that they may meet in the future. When they leave the shelter, we also aim to ensure that they have developed a better social network. We encourage her to participate in Carrefour pour Elle external services.

For more information, please contact us at 450-651-5800.