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External assistance

Individual Follow-Up with Ex-Residents: The main objective of the individual follow-up is to provide support to those who wish to explore the consequences of domestic violence in more depth. This service of 5 to 10 individual meetings is offered to ex-residents and women referred by the Police Referral Protocol.

Individual Follow-Up for Non-Residents: Service of 5 to 10 individual meetings to provide a place of support and reflection for victims of domestic violence.

Support Group: The domestic violence support group is held over a period of 12 consecutive weeks at a rate of 3 hours per meeting. The different topics covered are:

  • The goals and opening up on violence
  • Escalation and forms of violence
  • The cycle of violence
  • Victimization: the consequences
  • The profile of violent spouses
  • Emotions and fears: taming them
  • Anger management
  • The needs
  • Strengths, limitations and social network
  • Self-esteem: rediscovering oneself
  • Communication and self-assertion (1st component), then devictimization and accountability (2nd component)
  • The evaluation of the session and feedback on the goals


Quick Meetings: We offer quick meetings for women who are not housed at the shelter. During this meeting, we discuss with the woman, among other things, of the forms of violence, the cycle of violence and the different possible protection scenarios. We also give her various references.