De l'aide au bout du fil, 24 heures/24, 7 jours/7 : 450 651-5800

Pacifix is a CAPC (Community Action Program for Children) project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The overall objectives of this program are to reduce the difficulties that may be associated with family violence in children and to increase parents’ ability to overcome relationship difficulties with their children.

The service offers 4 steps of intervention:

Individual: 3 to 4 meetings with the mother for one hour at a rate of one per week. Meetings where the program is presented, the family situation is assessed in order to integrate it into the CAPC process or to refer it to another resource.

Group: 7 thematic meetings of two and a half hours each, one per week. Several themes are addressed in order to develop new parenting skills, like the effects of violence on family dynamics, the needs of children and the implementation of new rules.

Parent-child: 2 one-hour meetings per week. The purpose of the meetings is to create a link with the child/children and to get the child’s perspective on family dynamics.

Family: 1 to 10 meetings of one hour to one and a half hours, one per week. The meetings are designed to ensure that all members of the same family contribute to reducing the difficulties associated with the consequences of family violence for children.