De l'aide au bout du fil, 24 heures/24, 7 jours/7 : 450 651-5800


At the reception, we ensure the constant presence of a counselor for the women and children in the shelter and to provide phone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

On the phone, the counselor assesses the woman’s needs in order to adequately inform her about her rights, our accommodation, and services (with protection scenarios to ensure that everything goes safely).

The phone call is, for the majority of women, the first contact they have with the shelter. It is therefore important that they feel listened to, without any judgment. A woman who has felt welcome and safe with one of our counselors won’t hesitate to contact us again if necessary. Some women may call us several times before coming to the shelter.

Every year, we receive nearly 4,000 phone calls on the 24/7 crisis line.

If a woman decides to come to our shelter, she will be welcomed alone or with her children, by the counselor at the reception. The counselor:

  • Will help the woman and her children settle in, show them their room, visit the premises and introduce them to other residents and counselors.
  • Will meet their immediate physical and psychological needs, then talk with the woman to help her understand what is happening to her.
  • Will explain to her how the shelter works.
What is a shelter?
A shelter offers a safe living environment for women and children, characterized by respect, listening and sharing.

  • Provides safe and secure housing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enables women to break the cycle of violence and regain power over their lives.
  • Supports women in rebuilding their lives.

What should I bring?
You can bring your personal effects (medication, clothes, important papers, etc.) but we have everything you need on site. For more information, call 450-651-5800.

Will my children and I be safe at the shelter?
The address of the house is confidential. Moreover, several security measures are in place and a counselor is present, day and night, in the house. Safety is at the heart of our concerns.

What do the rooms look like?
At Carrefour pour Elle, we have rooms for single women (possibility of cohabitation for two single women) and family rooms for women with children. There is only one family per room to ensure privacy.

Is the house adapted for people with physical disabilities?
The premises are adapted to make accommodation possible for people in wheelchairs.

I don’t have transportation, what can I do?
If there is an emergency, call 911 immediately. Otherwise, call 450-651-5800 and we will look into possibilities with you so that transportation isn’t an obstacle to your accommodation.

Are there any costs related to my stay?
All services related to housing as well as external services are free of charge.

How long can I stay at the shelter?
3 months is the maximum stay, which is usually enough for women to rebuild their lives. However, the stay is re-evaluated each month during the course of housing according to the needs of each person.

Will my children continue to go to school?
Yes, children can keep going to school. In some cases, it might be necessary to change schools to protect them. The counselors will guide you in the steps to take in regard to the school (e.g. school transport, security, etc.).

Can I bring my pet?
It’s impossible to bring pets into the shelter as other residents or their children may be allergic (except in the case of a service dog). Community life requires such regulations. You may be able to leave your pet with a friend, veterinarian, kennel, etc. However, if there are no possible solutions and you are concerned for your pet’s safety, contact us and we will try to find another alternative.

How do I register for group follow-up?
You can register for a group follow-up related to domestic violence by calling 450-651-5800.

Is there a daycare service?
We have a playroom and a babysitter to take care of the children, which allows the little ones to have some fun while their moms meet with counselors and other resources.

Will my children be traumatized by their time in the shelter?
Once they have emerged from a violent environment, children adapt well to this temporary housing situation. In addition, they will be able to receive help from the youth counselor.